SideStop, CNC End Stop, delivers increased productivity through ease of use

The SideStop delivers productivity by giving you ease of use, allows you to change setups while keeping your "X" zero, and is "out of the way" when in or out of use.

Bridgeport workstop locator quality best

Ease of use, accessibility

All of the adjustment screws are easily accessible from the top, with one size hex key. Stop busting your knuckles!

You can adjust the "Y" location of the SideStop without affecting the "X" zero position.

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Keeps your zero (highly repeatable)

You can completely remove (or slide) the front half of the SideStop out of the way for a new setup and restore the same X location when you go back to the previous setup. Works with Kurt type vises on a Bridgeport or CNC machine.


work end stop x zero vise msc mcmaster carr 6 accessory d30-45.JPG

Out of the way

The "X" pin on the SideStop is the highest point. This reduces tool interference.

The "Y" shaft of the SideStop doesn't extend rearward. This eliminates the possibility of a crash with your way-covers.

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